On December 15, 2018, more than 50,000 teachers and community supporters marched through the streets of Los Angeles, California to demand a reinvestment in public education and that the Los Angeles Unified School District stop hoarding the record-shattering $1.9 billion in reserves and use it immediately on our students, our schools, and our classrooms.  With class sizes that are too high, not enough resources in their classrooms, and attacks on their profession, teachers are fighting for profound changes within Los Angeles schools.  Furthermore,  the sate has made severe budget cuts that have almost completely removed access to an arts education such as dance, theater, and music from the students that need self expression and creative outlets the most.  

             Dance teachers use their physical bodies as instruments to create genius art that not only provides a balanced education for students in public schools, churches, local dance studios, and community organizations...they also supports your favorite entertainers.  Injury prevention is the most important aspect of a health plan because it is directly correlated with career longevity and sustainability.  Most dance teachers do not earn enough consistent income to afford the supplemental health treatments that support their unique injury prevention and rehabilitative needs.  Dancers are athletes and require the necessary treatments and professional health services to remain at a peak performance (or teaching) level and prevent reoccurring injuries.   Several dance teachers throughout Los Angeles have already been positively impacted by our Dancer Health Program-the first of its kind.

           Your donation benefits the livelihood of many dance teachers currently in despair.  All of our services are donation-based and recipients are pre-screened through a regulated application process. We are currently raising money to cover the following monthly supplemental dancer health services for each of our teachers:


  • Myofascial Sports Therapy:  $200 (2 sessions, complimentary public transportation provided)


  •  Dance Foundational & Rehabilitative Training Classes: $280 (20 classes, complimentary public transportation provided)



  • Physical Therapy for Injured Pro Dancers: $1,000 (10 sessions, complimentary public transportation provided)

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All proceeds go to scholarships for dancers to continue training and creating and dance (PE) teachers who are out here helping youth in underserved communities worldwide.

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