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Philanthropist/activist epk!!!!!Present at Leadership meeting on Saturday (remove pro pics)!!!!
I could probably include the UMBAS fundraiser chair title and juneteenth write up here. with "Read more on UM website" links.  then add.  Dionne has also been an active member of Dancers Alliance and is the former Dancers Alliance Miami Representative and founded Dancers Alliance Miami fighting for  Dancers' rights. (link) in the process of building a new scholarship program called "DONOVAN" (link) to help assist dancers with training costs and professional development.
This is  pm
donovan scholarship program
1. youtube girl - college 
2. google travel for MHV convention
3. training tokens - free class
4. creative control - creative space
--cool names for each scholarship, start with 3 and 4,
--1 pager template tips? 
-see sample elk's and mimic it
--fathers component** how to big up tyrone daddy publicly?
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